Somebody has given me this tip for getting urine out of the carpet, if your pet has a mishap.

My best tip is for pet potty spots on the carpet. I use good old white distilled vinegar and baking soda. The steps are the important part. Pour enough white distilled vinegar to soak the stain and THEN add a small amount of baking soda. If you do the reverse, you will have a noisy, bubbly mess. Do it the right way, and you can hear the recipe cackling away, telling you how it is cleaning and deodorizing without leaving any residue. You need to let the spot dry for a day or two before sweeping up and then vacuuming. We cover the spot with a bowl or plate so that we don’t have baking soda kicked from heck to breakfast. You can actually see the yellow color being absorbed up into your little mountain of baking soda. Works on old stains too! 

I haven't tried this yet so don't know if it works. If anyone tries it, let me know how successful it is.

NB: It is not supposed to change the colour of the carpet but if in doubt do a tester on a bit of carpet out of sight first.

Quadrant Pet Supplies in St Albans now have a listings page which we are listed on:- 

I know it's freezing, but the good thing about this frost is there are no muddy paws to wipe at the end of the walk!

Found a lovely black Labrador in Felden Lane today. Luckily he was micro chipped so will hopefully be re-united with his family by now.

This was posted on a FaceBook page recently from a lady who lives in Churchill Rd, St Albans. " 'Apologies for starting your New Year off on a bad note but I wanted to warn all of you.
We have had two very serious attempted robberies on our place in a week, including men hiding in our yard and also backing a 4x4 up to our front door and trying to break down our front door. The police have confirmed that the burglars are attempting to steal our family dogs. Be extra vigilant about your security and look out for your neighbours. We have been told our house is definitely under surveillance by the burglars and we are absolutely terrified. Please stay safe!!!'

There is another unconfirmed story of a woman who was walking her standard poodle in St Albans, apparently in the Fleetville area when two men approached her, she was punched in the face and the dog was stolen. She said that there are apparently two white men with Shaven heads going around St Albans in a white van on the prowl looking for dogs to steal. 

Best to perhaps walk with other people at present and keep your eyes peeled. 

Percy has reached 2 years old and has suddenly decided that it's ok to test me! He has started "yapping" on his walk - even if no one is around! If I tell him off, he keeps about 2 feet away from me! So drastic measures were needed and I bought a vibrating collar.

Put it on him today and I only needed to do the warning bleep and he stopped.

So I don't know whether to be pleased that it has worked so quickly without the need to punish him, or whether to be annoyed as he has obviously been understanding my commands all along and is just being bloody minded!!

Unfortunately another rant about pack walkers:-(

On Friday, one of our walkers came across 3 dogs in the road in Marshalls Drive, St Albans near the Wick. A pack walker was loading another 3 into her Range Rover and then caught the 3 she had left to roam in the road and put them into her Range Rover. Needless to say, Karen was furious. Marshalls Drive isn\'t a busy road, but nonetheless, it is a through road and very popular with learner drivers.

If you can\'t control 6 dogs, then don\'t take 6 out!

Went to see a new client in St Albans whose next door neighbour used a different company with a liveried vehicle. Unsurprisingly (and unfortunately) they got burgled whilst they were away. Perhaps it could have been because the company they used had just advertised all over their van that they were on holiday! 

We DON'T advertise on our vehicles the fact that your house is empty.

Unfortunately today's blog isn't a pleasant one!

Sheila (a lovely lady who walks dogs for Pet Relief) has just phoned me. She is absolutely livid. There was a poor dog running around by the Wick entrance (a park in St Albans). Luckily it hadn't got out on to the main road. Sheila caught it and went looking for an owner.
Unfortunately the dog was being walked by a pack walker who unbelievably hadn't realised it was missing as she was too busy talking in the middle of the field.

Sheila told her that she was walking too many dogs, to which she replied that she was only walking 5. Sheila retorted that it was obviously too many or she wouldn't have lost one!

Go Sheila!! (It's just a shame that the owner doesn't know).


Are you reading this because you are looking for someone to care for your pet and can't decide who to use?

It is easy to choose a company that is the cheapest, but often they are cheaper for a reason. They may be a person who has just started dog walking, cat feeding, etc and because they are working on a smaller scale, is not VAT registered and can keep their costs down. But this often means that they will not have cover if they can not get to you. Or they may not have extra costs like insurance.

Here is some advice, that we believe is important, when choosing a pet care company:-

- Always meet the person prior to using them. (Most companies do not charge for this meeting.) Your pets are part of your family so you need to feel happy about who you are leaving them with.

 PETrelief will always do a complementary visit, with no obligation for you to use us.

- Check that they have Public Liability Insurance.

We have full Liability Insurance.

- Check that they have cover in case of illness, etc. If you are at work all day and your walker can not get to your dog, you may come home to some toilet mess and more importantly, an unhappy pet.

We will always provide cover in cases of illness, a vehicle breaking down, holidays, etc.

- Consider carefully whether to use companies that use vehicles that are liveried. If a van is calling at your house advertising the fact that they are walking your dog, they are also advertising the fact that (in most cases) your house will be empty and your dog will not be there. This, in our opinion, is disrespectful of your security to your home.

All our vehicles are not liveried.

- Ask for references (verbal or written). It always helps to get a second (or third) opinion.

We can provide as many referees as you would like and you can also read some in our "Testimonials" section.

- Alarm friendly? Some companies are not prepared to activate alarms.

All our callers are happy to set alarms and no alarm code details will be stored with addresses.

- Will you be charged a cancellation fee and if so, how much?

We do not charge a cancellation fee.

- Are there any extra costs? Some house sitting companies will charge extra for travel, etc.

There are no hidden extra costs with PETrelief and we are happy to give you a quote up front.

- If you are saving money by using a pack walker, enquire how long will your dog be in their van for? And how many other dogs will be in the van with them? Unfortunately, we are aware of pets that have spent longer travelling around than actually being walked and therefore the owner is unaware of how long their dog is actually being walked for. We also know a lovely dog walker, from another company, who unfortunately got bitten whilst trying to stop a dog fight in her van.

We do not pack walk. (We are prepared to mix 1 or 2 dogs for socialisation reasons, but only with the owners permission.)

- And last but by no means least, do they have a criminal record? They should have had a CRB check and have a certificate to verify this. If you are working or away on holiday, you will probably be giving this person your door key.

All our carers do NOT have a criminal record and would be happy to prove so.


If there are any questions you have, not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us.