Cat Sitting

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Customer comments

"PetRelief has provided an excellent service for me and my four cats."

"Honey and Molly are much happier with you coming into the house to feed them rather than them going into the cattery."

"Thanks for being so accommodating and flexible; I couldn’t have managed without you and your team."


PETrelief cares for your cat at home while you are away or at work.

We know the comforting presence of your beloved cat is what makes your house a home.

So on top of the essentials of feeding and watering, administering medication and changing litter trays, we maintain the familiar home environment keeps your cat feeling comfortable and secure.

While showering your pet with affection as required, we keep your home atmosphere ‘lived in’.  We open and close curtains and blinds, turn lights on and off, remove post from your letterbox, turn radios on and off, put rubbish out for collection and water plants both indoors and out.

We aim to keep their routine as much the same as possible.

We charge per visit, therefore we can make as many or as few visits as you would like.