Helping those in need

We are still offering our dog walking service for key workers, people in isolation and those unable or unwilling to leave their homes.

We take our clients and our walkers safety very seriously and no direct contact is made with owners and the required distancing is maintained.

Dogs are NOT able to contract Coronavirus.

Stay safe everybody.

Adapting to the new restrictions

We would like to reassure our clients that still need their dogs walked, that we will continue to do so.

With the new restrictions, we are allowed to travel to and from work and we are allowed to do work that can’t be done from home. Therefore we can ensure that your dog(s) will still be walked.

We will ensure that we stay a safe distance from any owners to ensure yours and our safety.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

Stay safe and let’s hope the new restrictions show an improvement in containing this awful virus.

Keeping you safe

We are going through some scary times and many of you are self isolating or working from home.

We would like to suggest the following, to prevent contact with your dog walker:-

We can agree a time with yourselves and let ourselves in with the key. Your dog should greet us at the door. Then we can either put our own lead on them or ask you to leave their lead by the door. If the dog does not greet us, then he/she can be shut in the hall ready for our collection at the agreed time. We will then return your dog using the key.

Your safety and our walkers safety is very important to us and we will do whatever is needed to ensure this.

Keep safe and healthy.

Thank You

Every Christmas, we are totally overwhelmed by the generosity of our clients. Thank you all so much.
We are so lucky to have such amazing clients (human and furry!). 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us.

We hope that 2019 is happy and healthy for all of you and your pets.

A personal service

A St Albans pack walker recently cancelled all her walks due to the heat. With most pack walkers, dogs can be in the vehicle for up to an hour whilst all the dogs are collected, they then have their walk and then are in the vehicle for up to another hour whilst they are all returned. So obviously cancelling the walks was the best way to avoid heat stroke. But this doesn't help much with a toilet break for them or some company to break up their day.

With Pet Relief, your pet gets a personalised service, so in this heat, we can find a shallow stream, find the nearest woods or shade, walk them slowly and if we feel that they have had too much, then take them home, get them a drink, get some water to the back of their necks and sit or play with them for the remainder of the time. If you are worried, we can send you a text or a photo on Whatsapp or Instagram.

Stolen Pets

With the recent spate of dogs being stolen from homes, and an increase in the number of cats going missing, we would just like to reassure our clients, that we DO NOT (and never have) advertised our business all over our cars. Liveried vehicles not only indicate that the owner is most probably away from home, but also advertise when your dogs are out of the house.

We believe that the security of your pets and homes is more important than our advertising.

The Great Plastic Pickup

 Collected all this just from the small woods and the chalk pit area near my house, in an hour. Shocking as I always thought the woods were quite clean. (Yes that is an exercise stepper!)

On the plus side, I discovered 2 more badger sets that I didn't know were there. 

Every bit helps

Take a bin bag on your walks this weekend and pick up as you go.

Every little helps.

A sad farewell

I was very saddened to hear today that my old boss and brilliant Vet, Mr Bendefy, passed away at the weekend.

I was very lucky to have worked for him and he was the best boss one could ask for. He was a very kind and genuine man and I feel privileged to have known him.