I love my job!

I didn't particularly want to go out this morning to feed the cats. It was chucking it down and my bed was very comfy. But I came home in such a good mood. The cats make me laugh so much. 
I went to one house and although the cat has a catflap, she sat pouring at the patio door for me to let her out. I told her it was disgusting out there but she didn't listen, so I opened the door for her. She went out in the rain, realised, shot under the bush, didn't get much shelter there and then shot back in again. Tho look on her face made me cry laughing. It was a mixture of disgust and "you did that on purpose"!

Then I went to another house and I ring a bell and the cat comes running down the garden to greet me. I'm standing there ringing the bell - slightly worried that she's not coming. Then I turn round and she is sat under the table looking at me with a "what are you doing?" look on her face.

You can't beat this job. I love it!