A personal service

A St Albans pack walker recently cancelled all her walks due to the heat. With most pack walkers, dogs can be in the vehicle for up to an hour whilst all the dogs are collected, they then have their walk and then are in the vehicle for up to another hour whilst they are all returned. So obviously cancelling the walks was the best way to avoid heat stroke. But this doesn't help much with a toilet break for them or some company to break up their day.

With Pet Relief, your pet gets a personalised service, so in this heat, we can find a shallow stream, find the nearest woods or shade, walk them slowly and if we feel that they have had too much, then take them home, get them a drink, get some water to the back of their necks and sit or play with them for the remainder of the time. If you are worried, we can send you a text or a photo on Whatsapp or Instagram.