Hello and Goodbye

We are very pleased to welcome Amanda to our team. Amanda is helping Paul and I with emails and phone calls, so we shouldn't get too bogged down.

Secondly, we are very sad to be saying goodbye to LIz at the end of June. Liz has been with us for nearly 12 years and the pets and us will miss her. She has been a huge asset and we wish her happiness in her move to Dorset.

RIP Carla Lane

I was really saddened to hear about Carla Lane passing away.

She did such amazing work with animals and helping wildlife. And herself and Peter (her wildlife manager) helped me so much whilst I was working as a veterinary nurse, not only with advice on rearing and injured wildlife, but also she took birds and animals in her sanctuary for me that could not be released to the wild - including Henry, my one legged seagull. She also took a baby owl for me that needed an expert to rear it - not me!

I was fortunate to meet her and visit her sanctuary on many occasions and see the amazing work, her and Peter did for wildlife.

May she rest in peace. She will certainly be in Heaven, if it exists.