Pets Stolen!!

This was posted on a FaceBook page recently from a lady who lives in Churchill Rd, St Albans. " 'Apologies for starting your New Year off on a bad note but I wanted to warn all of you.
We have had two very serious attempted robberies on our place in a week, including men hiding in our yard and also backing a 4x4 up to our front door and trying to break down our front door. The police have confirmed that the burglars are attempting to steal our family dogs. Be extra vigilant about your security and look out for your neighbours. We have been told our house is definitely under surveillance by the burglars and we are absolutely terrified. Please stay safe!!!'

There is another unconfirmed story of a woman who was walking her standard poodle in St Albans, apparently in the Fleetville area when two men approached her, she was punched in the face and the dog was stolen. She said that there are apparently two white men with Shaven heads going around St Albans in a white van on the prowl looking for dogs to steal. 

Best to perhaps walk with other people at present and keep your eyes peeled. 


Pets Stolen - Update

Just want to reassure people with the following email:-

Dog Thefts - Debunking The Myths

Dear Watch Member,
It has come to my attention that there is a story, or stories, circulating on social media regarding the theft, or attempted theft, of dogs in the St Albans area.
The story that I have seen states something along the lines of males in a 4x4 stealing dogs, or something similar, and scaremongers readers in to "not walking dogs alone".
Please let me reassure you that as far as I am aware there is no such issue within St Albans, and as an avid dog lover myself, please don't be afraid of walking your dogs!
That being said we would always encourage members of the public to walk dogs safely, with high visibility clothing if walking at night.
Unfortunately it takes just one member of the public to post a hoax story on Facebook, then with the power of the "share" button, the story can reach hundreds or thousands of people within a very short time frame.
Please note that the only place to find factual information are on our official website, official Facebook page, official Twitter page or via OWL messages from Police staff.
If you see this type of story floating around on Facebook, please feel free to give the poster this information, as well as my contact details if they should wish to discuss it. As nobody should ever be afraid to walk their dog!
If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address:
Lewis Griffiths
Police Community Support Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
Tel: 01707 354192

I would like to add though that despite this email, dog thefts ARE happening. I was at a vets when some travellers bought in a border terrier for a cesarean. Luckily the vets checked their missing folder and found the dog had been stolen a few months prior to this. The dog was reunited with it's owner, but the police are powerless as the travellers just say that they found the dog.
I think the main thing is to keep your eyes peeled and report anything suspicious, keep your eye on your dog when it is off lead but also keep things in perspective and enjoy your walk!!

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