Break in's

I have heard from clients and friends that there have been a spate of burglaries in St Albans recently. 
Westfields area was targeted before Xmas and Wiltshire Ave on News Years Eve. These are just the ones we have heard about.

Please be extra vigilant and leave lights or radios on if you are going out.

Oh Dear!

I can tell it's the end of our busy time and I am tired. Was trying to get into the wrong house this morning to feed a cat!

Luckily they were either out, or didn't care that someone was trying to break in! I was thinking "what's wrong with this stupid key"? - instead of "what's wrong with this stupid person"! 

Thank you!

Every year we are totally amazed by the generosity of our clients at Christmas.

Thank you so much to all of you for your gifts and thank you to all our clients for your custom and loyalty.

I hope 2018 is a happy and healthy one for you all and all your pets.

Happy Christmas and a Happy 2018

Have a lovely Christmas from all of us at Pet Relief and we hope that 2018 is a very happy and healthy year for owners and pets.

Christmas wrapping

Spent more time wrapping dog presents than humans! Poor Percy could smell them all. 

Park Street Gravel Pits

My dad was speaking to a dog owner who normally walks at Park Street gravel pits. His dog has become ill and it appears that other dogs also walking there have also recently become ill.

Not sure of the details, but if you normally walk there, be careful. Perhaps keep your dog on the lead for now or call local vets to see if they have any more information.

A sad "goodbye"

We are extremely sad to announce that Keith Higby passed away on Friday 17th March after an extremely short battle with cancer. Keith worked for us for 9 years and was very popular amongst his clients, due to his dedication, reliability and love of animals. 
We were not only very lucky to have had him work for us, but also to have known him as a friend for a lot longer. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him - including the animals.

Should anyone wish to pay their respects, his funeral will be at 3.20pm on Monday 10th April at Garston Crematorium. There will be no dress code as it will be a celebration of his life.

Happy Christmas

Have a happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017 for you all and your pets.

I love my job!

I didn't particularly want to go out this morning to feed the cats. It was chucking it down and my bed was very comfy. But I came home in such a good mood. The cats make me laugh so much. 
I went to one house and although the cat has a catflap, she sat pouring at the patio door for me to let her out. I told her it was disgusting out there but she didn't listen, so I opened the door for her. She went out in the rain, realised, shot under the bush, didn't get much shelter there and then shot back in again. Tho look on her face made me cry laughing. It was a mixture of disgust and "you did that on purpose"!

Then I went to another house and I ring a bell and the cat comes running down the garden to greet me. I'm standing there ringing the bell - slightly worried that she's not coming. Then I turn round and she is sat under the table looking at me with a "what are you doing?" look on her face.

You can't beat this job. I love it!