Help the wildlife.

I was walking in Felden Tuesday lunchtime and I saw a huge fox pitifully searching for food in broad day light. After the walk, I rushed back, got a bag of dog food and went back to where I had seen him and sprinkled it in the undergrowth for him.

If your dog doesn't finish his/her food (or if you have some spare), take it on your walk with you and sprinkle it under bushes or in the undergrowth. If you have a cat that hasn't finished his/her food, you can put any tinned food on the bird table for the blackbirds, thrushes, carrion, sparrows, etc or under bushes for hedgehogs. (Avoid giving hedgehogs fish flavours).

If you are putting bread out for birds, soak it in some water first as water is in short supply for birds during frosty weather.

We built our houses on their habitat, so the least we can do is help our wildlife in this weather.

Thank you. 

Frosty walks

I know it's freezing, but the good thing about this frost is there are no muddy paws to wipe at the end of the walk!


Have a lovely Christmas from all of us at Pet Relief (and Percy & Tony - in photo) and a very happy & healthy 2016.

This Xmas please buy Cruelty Free perfume or aftershave.

If you are buying perfume or aftershave this Christmas (or even adding one to your Xmas list), check if it's (or it's ingredients) have been tested on animals first by clicking on PETA's list:- Or get the "Bunny Free" app on your phone, then you can check when shopping.

Animals have their heads pinned down and the fragrances dripped into eyes, so by checking first we can all help make a difference.

Thank you.

Precious friends

Had to say goodbye to 4 really special dogs recently (3 reached old age and one lost his fight with cancer). Been looking after them since they were puppies/young and loved them all.

This is one part of the job I hate and will never get used to :-(

Escaped dog!

Found a lovely black Labrador in Felden Lane today. Luckily he was micro chipped so will hopefully be re-united with his family by now.

Off to the beach!

Off to the beach today for the national beach clean.Encouraging our kids to look after the planet and Percy's first time at the seaside!

A helpful article?

Why do dogs eat poo? -

Guess who is 3 today?

Can't believe Percy is 3 years old already.

Percy's birthday cake

Percy's birthday cake