Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Pet Relief and may you and your pets have a healthy and happy 2015!

For all horse owners

The Royal Veterinary College have issued a warning to all horse owners. 5 horses locally have died in the last few days from atypical myopathy caused by eating sycamore seeds or "helicopters". Weather conditions are perfect for bacteria to grow on the seeds. There is no cure and the survival rate is 5%. Please be aware.

St Albans Dog Training & services

Met Selina from St Albans Dog Services today. Really nice lady and most importantly is an "animal person"!

Looking forward to sharing business with her in the future.

Troublesome 2's!

Percy has reached 2 years old and has suddenly decided that it's ok to test me! He has started "yapping" on his walk - even if no one is around! If I tell him off, he keeps about 2 feet away from me! So drastic measures were needed and I bought a vibrating collar.

Put it on him today and I only needed to do the warning bleep and he stopped.

So I don't know whether to be pleased that it has worked so quickly without the need to punish him, or whether to be annoyed as he has obviously been understanding my commands all along and is just being bloody minded!!

Dogs in the road!

Unfortunately another rant about pack walkers:-(

On Friday, one of our walkers came across 3 dogs in the road in Marshalls Drive, St Albans near the Wick. A pack walker was loading another 3 into her Range Rover and then caught the 3 she had left to roam in the road and put them into her Range Rover. Needless to say, Karen was furious. Marshalls Drive isn\'t a busy road, but nonetheless, it is a through road and very popular with learner drivers.

If you can\'t control 6 dogs, then don\'t take 6 out!

Common Sense!

Went to see a new client in St Albans whose next door neighbour used a different company with a liveried vehicle. Unsurprisingly (and unfortunately) they got burgled whilst they were away. Perhaps it could have been because the company they used had just advertised all over their van that they were on holiday! 

We DON'T advertise on our vehicles the fact that your house is empty.

Dog Boarding License renewed.

Pleased to announce that we had our yearly "check over" by County Council and they have renewed our dog boarding license without any issues or points raised.

We will make sure that we keep up the good work and high standards!

Special to the end!

Well Snuffles the hamster was special to the end! He let my son have his birthday yesterday and then passed away the early hours of this morning :-(

At least it was very peaceful (on a heat pad, in his sleep). Lots of tears today.

My Son's Hamster

Unfortunately my son's 3 & 3/4 year old hamster isn't doing so well! I should be grateful as most hamsters don't live much past 3 years old, but it's my son's birthday on Friday, so I could do with the hamster hanging on until after then! He's being tempted with prawns, sunflower seeds, apple, cheese, etc. He's on a better diet than the rest of us! Fingers crossed.

Pack Walkers

Unfortunately today's blog isn't a pleasant one!

Sheila (a lovely lady who walks dogs for Pet Relief) has just phoned me. She is absolutely livid. There was a poor dog running around by the Wick entrance (a park in St Albans). Luckily it hadn't got out on to the main road. Sheila caught it and went looking for an owner.
Unfortunately the dog was being walked by a pack walker who unbelievably hadn't realised it was missing as she was too busy talking in the middle of the field.

Sheila told her that she was walking too many dogs, to which she replied that she was only walking 5. Sheila retorted that it was obviously too many or she wouldn't have lost one!

Go Sheila!! (It's just a shame that the owner doesn't know).